My process of appropriating and re-contextualizing materials into multiples seeks, as its objective, to invoke questions about the nature of originality, authorship, authenticity, and uniqueness. Moreover, it reflects the multiplicity of historical constructs of things and places while exposing the disembodiment of the true self, acknowledging the body as collections of multiples beings that collectively create a constant subconscious voice.

The intention of my work is to articulate the black emotional and spiritual body within modern dilemma’s related to psychic and existential annihilation. I am deeply devoted to abstraction and have an interdisciplinary practice that encompasses curating of objects and exhibitions, painting, sculpture, weaving, photography, and sound.

I choose materials organically embedded with layered social and cultural meaning, from VHS cassette film used to weave sprawling monuments of dark and shimmering tapestry to dirt samples collected from around the world that I employ as “paint” for a sculpture that connects my work to ideas around the land, ancestry, healing, and belonging. The mediums I choose are meant to communicate beyond mundane political investigations and meanings and towards a universal aesthetic language that transcends socio-political boundaries and speaks to a collective memory and experience of the body. I gravitate towards materials that facilitate the interplay of paint, plastic, dirt, light, and sound. 

My intellectual interests include womanist theology, consumption markets, and culture, theories of the black and female bodies and abstraction.
My work is an expansion of the black body, which aims to cultivate this vast story of not only resilience but also resounding and sublime vitality in the face of annihilation.


Nulla Ac Ornare Nisl