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As a child living in Detroit, I was constantly inspired by the indomitable spirit, humor, and inventiveness of my community. The people of Detroit never ceased to reinvent themselves in the midst of overwhelming hardship. I come from a community whose survival has never been anything short of miraculous. The miracle is made of internal storytelling that knows how to create value where others see none. That knows that anything can be made or repurposed to serve many functions. Nothing is mundane and nothing is dead when we can slip the objective gaze and play in the space of our subjectivity and the ownership of our imaginations. This is where my practice lives.   African American with Caribbean ancestry currently living in Brooklyn. 

My interdisciplinary practice as a visual artist revolves around the creation of living sculptures and installations that reimagine environments, aiming to inspire radical imagination and healing. I explore alternative narratives that liberate and foster connections with all living things. Utilizing bio art and repurposed materials, I strive to reveal truths beyond conventional narratives, engaging with diverse mediums such as sculpture, photography, painting, film, wearables, and nonlinear performance.

My installations often stem from large-scale works that integrate traditional weaving with sculpture and film. I draw inspiration from various sources, including traditional black medicine, celestial memory, land art, weaving, and technology, resulting in a practice that is deeply intertwined with these elements.

Community is at the heart of my work, and I frequently incorporate interactive encounters to engage viewers directly, inviting them to participate in the exploration of new perspectives and experiences.

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